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Organic Products, Natural Hair Care, and Catering Services

Welcome to RastaMa's Kitchen !

RastaMa's Kitchen offers a variety of products and services! Explore organic handcrafted products for your hair and skin, schedule in for natural hair care maintenance, or place an order for some of my Caribbean-Southern style dishes! Check out the collection today.

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About RastaMa

Mother | Small Business Owner | Creative 

RastaMa’s Kitchen literally began in my kitchen. I needed a side hustle. I was a new mother at the time , working two jobs, and tired. After receiving positive feedback on my cooking skills, I decided to sell dinner plates which in turn was very successful! As far as my hand crafted products, I developed a formula that no other store-brand product offered--the only product that moisturizes my coarse hair texture and heals my skin all at once! After spending two years perfecting my products, I released them to share with the world March 2020! 

With much gratitude, I thank you all for believing in me. RastaMa's Kitchen guarantees that all products / services are handcrafted with honesty, love, and perfection. 


Connect with RastaMa!

RastaMa's Kitchen offers free consultations! I'd love to hear from you! Get in touch, and I'll reply promptly.


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