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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Thank you.

You took the time out of your precious day, perhaps your downtime,

to read this.

Understand how grateful I am for your support.

Small Businesses are not without you.

We do not flourish, we do not grow, we are unable to eat without you.

Words are just not enough to express my deepest gratitude.

I hope that my craft--whether it be one of my homemade products to heal, a tasty home cooked meal, or the care of your sacred crown; I hope that my craft, my art, my work--is enough to fulfill and nourish you.

I have the purest intentions as I create and share my craft for you. All products, meals, and hair maintenance services are handled and made with love. I package, prep & cook, and care for your hair as if it were my own--each and every jar, each and every plate; and each and every head.

In order to receive love, we must spread it. This is my mission, my statement, my purpose.

Peace N Love,


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